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Meet Carmel

Carmel L Mooney
Carmel L. Mooney, CMT, A.A., B.A., MBA, Ph.D, Ordained Minister, Certified Master Christian Life Coach

When the Plandemic unfolded in early 2020, Carmel’s focus shifted to primarily coaching in the areas of Medical and Religious Freedom, homeschooling, and deliverance.

Prior to 2020, Carmel had been a life coach since 1989 where she coached in the areas of her deepest passions which included: writing, publishing, travel, functional nutrition, wellness, deliverance, and special needs.

A former Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Massage Therapist since 1989, Carmel also served, in the 90’s, on the Nutritional Advisory Board for Beale Air Force Base, and opened and managed the Fitness Center at McClellan Air Force Base.

Carmel has published many books and over 5000 articles in national magazines and newspapers pertaining to travel, comped travel, nutrition, publishing, parenting, service animals, and Christian issues, just to name a few.

She has coached thousands through her seminars and private coaching practice, on how to travel the world, free of cost through travel writing, blogging, photography, and by teaching overseas. In 2002 she founded Money the Write Way, just for this purpose.

Carmel’s youngest daughter was severely and profoundly vaccine injured and as a result, Carmel’s passion for and commitment to the special needs community grew and Carmel has coached hundreds of families in special needs advocacy, biomedical interventions, IEPs, IPPs, functional nutrition, essential oils, Gluten Free and Casein Free diet implementation, and in the acquisition, training, and maintenance of ADA compliant service animals.

She has also personally trained over 50 service animals (mobility, diabetic alert, seizure alert, and autism service dogs) as well as led 4H service animal chapters, and has trained veterinary students in service animal protocol at UC Davis, since 2011.

Carmel Mooney
One of over 50 service animals Carmel has trained for special needs families.

In 2007, Carmel also became trained and certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention and through the state of California she was also Certified as a level 4i Administrator for Care Homes for the Developmentally Disabled. She has coached families on these and countless other resources and options including residential care. In 2007 she founded Carmel’s Homes of Hope for Special Children, Inc.

Carmel is also a volunteer Crisis Responder for Crisis Response International, a non-profit that serves disaster victims all over the world. Carmel has trained and ministered in deliverance and disaster relief through CRI.

She has also formed non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations, and coached others in the process of forming non-profits and charities. Carmel has also sat on the Board of Directors for several Special Needs 501c3 charities, assisting and coaching special needs families in procuring grants for their Special Needs children, totaling over 3 million dollars, for biomedical interventions, respite, and cutting edge therapies, since 2004.

Carmel L Mooney co-hosting a radio show on travel, dining, and entertainment.
Carmel co-hosting her radio show.

Carmel has hosted and co-hosted three radio shows since 1995 where she has entertained and informed her audiences with regard to travel, entertainment, dining, nutrition, wellness, special needs, autism, and lifestyle. She is often an expert guest on various television outlets.

Carmel taught cooking classes for nearly a decade. She also produced 33 cooking videos for Paula Deen, judged the World Canning Championship in 2001, coauthored a cookbook, and her culinary, home, garden, and lifestyle talents have been featured in Taste of Home Cookbook, Grit Magazine, County Magazine, Taste of Home Magazine, and Mother Earth News. Carmel was an editor for Country Magazine from 2000-2012.

Carmel has written a dozen columns over the past two decades covering family travel, couples travel, luxury travel, parenting, dining, golfing, dogs, service animals, and more in national magazines and newspapers, with over 5000 print articles published.

She is also a past member and attendee of the North America Travel Journalist Association, and Travel Media Showcase. She has been a speaker, teacher, and presenter for the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association, Outdoor Writers Association of California, Society of American Travel Writers, the Writers League of Texas, and Sierra Writers. She has taught Travel Writing and other journalism courses, as a part time instructor at Sierra College, Butte College, Solano College, Placer School for Adults, Always Learning, The Learning Exchange, The Magnum Group, Writers League of Texas, as well as many online platforms.

After publishing thousands of print articles in national magazines and newspapers, Carmel began travel blogging in 2007, publishing several thousand more blog posts.

Carmel served as the Co-Administrator of Faith Christian Academy from 2005-2016. She holds a California Teaching Credential and taught in the San Juan Unified School District until 1999.

Carmel is available in person or via Zoom, Any Meeting, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or by telephone for coaching. She coaches individually as well as in groups.

Carmel Mooney enjoys acting in local theater.
Carmel enjoys acting in local theater.

Since 1993 Carmel has enjoyed traveling the world for free as a travel writer. She also enjoys local theater acting, salsa dancing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), pickleball, creating fermented foods and beverages, boating, organic vegetable gardening, knitting, and spending time with friends and family.

Carmel has been hosted on over 900 comped trips (over one million dollars in FREE travel) as a member of the working media and through her books and classes and coaching, has been teaching her clients and students how to do the same, since 1999.

Carmel Mooney and her co-host broadcast a live remote travel tour for their radio show.
Carmel and her co-host broadcast a live remote travel tour for their radio show.

While attending Texas A&M University, in the Master’s of Social Work Program, with the original goal of going into private counseling practice as an LCSW, Carmel quickly realized her gifts and expertise were better served as a Certified Master Christian Life Coach where she has the flexibility to serve her clients globally and without geographical restraints.

When the Plandemic hit in early 2020, Carmel’s focus shifted to primarily coaching in the areas of Medical and Religious Freedom, homeschooling, and deliverance. The majority of her Medical and Religious Freedom coaching currently focuses on connecting and referring her clients to the right physicians for vaccine/mask/test exemptions and with pastors and religious leaders for religious exemptions.

She connects clients with physicians who will guide them, one-on-one, through FLCCC (Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance Prophylaxis and Treatment Protocols) for prevention and treatment of Covid-19. She also makes referrals to attorneys and other professionals engaged in preserving Medical and Religious Freedom.

Carmel is also an ordained minister and can offer an attestation of faith letter upon request, free of charge.