Noah’s Story

Carmel Mooney was highly recommended to us by several families she had trained service dogs for.  We were amazed when we met some of these dogs and saw what they did for their handlers. Carmel helped us with finding the perfect puppy from a reputable breeder. She did a special temperament test with each puppy in his litter to narrow down the right dog for us to choose and then began coaching us through obedience training when Rowan was only 9 weeks old, which took about a year. When it came to the advanced task training, she coached us and taught us how to train Rowan to do exactly what our son needed for independence.

Noah can now do so many things we never thought possible before. Rowan is a wonderful addition to our family and has opened up limitless possibilities for Noah. We can travel now, and spent the holidays with our family on the east coast and we even traveled by airplane with Rowan and had no issues. We are eternally grateful for Rowan and for Carmel’s expertise.