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Medical and Religious Freedom Coaching

Carmel Lee Mooney
Carmel L. Mooney

MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM STARTS HERE. I am here to empower, encourage, and equip you with all the resources, science, and professional connections and referrals necessary, including referrals to physicians for medical mask/test/vaccine exemptions. These are exemptions written specifically FOR YOU, by a physician. I can also provide religious mask/test/vaccine exemptions as well, signed by a pastor/priest/religous leader. I can also connect YOU to a physician who will guide YOU, one-on-one, through AFLD and FLCCC (Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance Prophylaxis and Treatment Protocols) for prevention and treatment of Covid-19. 

CLICK HERE if you would like to make a coaching appointment to be connected to a physician who can assist you with a vaccine exemption, mask exemption, or testing exemption. CLICK HERE if you would like to schedule a coaching appointment to be connected to a physician who can assist you with FLCCC protocols for prevention or treatment of Covid 19.

I have been coaching thousands of freedom-loving individuals since mid-March 2020 on Medical and Religious Freedom, rights, facts, science, how to breathe freely, how to break free from spiritual oppression, how to homeschool, and how to navigate and thrive physically and spiritually during the biggest world-wide sham in our lifetimes. MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM STARTS HERE

If you are here, you are not paralyzed with fear, misinformation, and ignorance. MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is likely very important to you. You are probably a truth seeker, a freedom fighter, and not easily deceived. I applaud you.

I am here to be your cheerleader, your coach, your friend, and to help you navigate the sea of information and resources, pertaining to MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, medical and/or religious mask/test/vaccine exemptions, HOMESCHOOLING, FLCCC/AFLD protocols, and more.

For nearly two decades I have been an author, radio talk show host, and coach, guiding, educating, empowering, and equipping my clients, listeners, and readers in the areas of health and wellness, vaccine injury, homeschooling, travel, and deliverance.

Since March 2020, my young adult children, husband, and I, have never once worn a mask, or, as I call them, a “countenance obstruction apparatus.”

Since day one of the Plandemic, my family has frequented doctors, dentists, optometrists, orthodontists, grocery stores, shops, boutiques, spas, health clubs, mechanics, movie theaters, restaurants, real estate showings, federal buildings, car dealerships, care facilities, resorts, cabins, hotels, freedom rallies, protests, and more…without ever wearing a mask, face shield, or any face covering. Not one time! Yes, even in California, and in three other notoriously “difficult” states.


Through coaching, media appearances, and through my writing, I have educated and empowered thousands how to successfully stand up for their God-given and constitutional rights to do the same. The madness ends when enough say NO and step into their God-given freedoms and authority.

My passion and expertise coaching for the past two decades, in the areas of health, vaccine injury, homeschooling, travel, and deliverance is needed more than ever. It has all converged over the past year and a half as these subjects are now all interdependent with the medical and religious freedom crisis we currently face.

Allow me to explain. Never, in my 20 years of coaching and speaking have I ever seen millions of people all seeking answers, education, and empowerment with regards to their health and in the areas of masks and vaccines, traveling, medical and religious freedom, and in homeschooling and deliverance.

I am blessed as a Certified Master Life Coach and author who had my own radio show for over two decades, to have an extensive network of friends and colleagues who are advocates, doctors, naturpaths, scientists, pharmacists, educators, pilots, attorneys, clergy, ministers, speakers, media professionals, authors, and more who I am honored to connect you to—ALL leaders in MEDICAL AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. It isn’t just what you know, but who you know.

I am currently offering a special, one-on-one, 15-minute laser-focused, strategy and coaching session where I share resources, offer referrals, and assist you in planning your own personally-tailored steps and strategies essential for navigating the craziness we face with regards to masks, vaccines, exemptions, tests, travel, homeschooling and our physical and spiritual health and wellness.

I charge $40 for a 15-minute strategy/coaching session, typically done through Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or phone. I do not offer medical or legal advice. I am friends and colleagues with many health professionals and attorneys who do. I will gladly connect you to them through my coaching, should you need or request it. They are freedom warriors and they are ready to assist you.

We are living in unprecedented times. Being educated and empowered is more important than ever before in history. Our lives and souls depend on it, as do our childrens’ and grand-childrens’ lives and future.

CONTACT ME if you would like to schedule a coaching session. A short intake form will be emailed to you, available times to schedule a session, along with a link for payment.

If you are seeking a referral to a physician for one-on-one guidance in the FLCCC and AFLD protocols/prevention/treatment for Covid-19 or for a medical mask/test/vaccine exemption, religious mask/test/vaccine exemption, homeschool coaching, or other resources for navigating this Plandemic, I am happy to schedule a coaching session with you to connect you to the professionals you need in your corner.

CLICK HERE if you would like to make a coaching appointment to be connected to a physician who can assist you with a vaccine exemption, mask exemption, or testing exemption. CLICK HERE if you would like to schedule a coaching appointment to be connected to a physician who can assist you with FLCCC protocols for prevention or treatment of Covid 19.

Please call me at 530-788-8179 or use my contact form to send me a message or to schedule an appointment.

Here are a few Medical and Religious Freedom Coaching testimonials. Feel free to read more testimonials HERE.


Laura and Johnny’s Story: Talk about an incredible life coach! My husband and I were absolutely thrilled to learn that Carmel Mooney had hope, options, connections, and support for us for attaining medical exemptions for the vaccine, religious exemptions, mask exemptions, hydroxychloraquine, Ivermectin, continued Covid prophylaxis and treatment support, etc. Carmel is an absolute wealth of knowledge, information, contacts, and connections in this medical freedom warriors battle! We love her and look forward to continuing to work with her! Go freedom!! 

Dee’s Story: I was denied medical treatment at two medical centers so I contacted Carmel for Medical Freedom coaching. She connected me to a physician who saw me by phone and quickly got me a mask exemption. Then I was able to get the Medical treatment I needed without a face covering. I could breathe! Carmel is a valuable source of knowledge and resources.

David’s Story: Carmel helped with connecting me to answers to several questions regarding health & life coaching. She helped me procure doctors to get right to the heart of my medical needs/exemptions. Otherwise I could have spent time going in circles and not getting what I needed. I highly recommend using Carmel in any realm of medical freedom. Five stars from me. 

Kathy’s Story: When the Pandemic began, I was overwhelmed with information, and MISinformation. Carmel guided me and connected me to the resources I needed to make science-based, informed decisions about my health with regards to masks and vaccine choice. I will be eternally grateful for her knowledge, kindness, patience, and connections. Carmel is a Medical and Religious Freedom warrior.

Miller Family’s Story: We were very nervous when mandates put us in a position to choose between our jobs, school choice for our girls, and our religious convictions. After medical and religious freedom coaching with Carmel, we were able to formulate a plan with the resources she provided. My wife and I were able to submit exemptions and not be forced to make a choice between our beliefs and our careers. The girls can now attend school without endangering their health. Carmel had the resources and professional connections we needed and we are so relieved and grateful for her help.

Nikki’s Story: I was sure I was going to lose my internship if I could not provide a medical exemption before October 1. After medical freedom coaching with Carmel, I was referred to a doctor who was able to provide me with the exemption I needed before the deadline. At least for now, I can continue my internship and can still go after my dreams. Thank you Carmel. I am sending others in my program to you as well.

Joe’s Story: I was about ready to retire early and give up my career of over 28 years until I found out I had options from coaching with Carmel Mooney. She spent the time to help me determine the best course of action and then she referred me to professionals who provided me with the medical exemptions necessary to get HR off my back so I could just do my job. If you are feeling the heat and aren’t sure who to turn to, I recommend Carmel. 

Britt’s Story: I was really afraid that I was going to get fired from my job when my boss said I had two weeks to comply with the mandates. A co-worker introduced me to Carmel. She was patient, kind, and knowledgable. Pretty quickly she coodinated an appointment for me with a doctor who got me everything I needed to send to my boss. Now there are two of us at my job who are exercising our freedom because of Carmel’s help.

Picarzo Family’s Story: My husband works very very hard to support our family. When his job required that he submit an exemption for vaccine, mask, and test, we were not sure how to go about it. A friend referred us to Carmel. She provided us with a consultation where she decided who we needed to contact to get the exemptions my husband needed to keep his job and not comply to certain things we were not willing to budge on. The doctor she sent us to not only got my husband the exemptions but also provided us with the prevention protocol and ivermectin to keep on hand. The Picarzo family says thank you.

Ashley’s Story: The stress of grad school was bad enough without the added stress of knowing that if I didn’t get an exemption that my school would accept, I would have to drop out and lose my scholarship. Carmel got me an appointment with someone who knew how to get me an exemption that would get accepted and honored. Within a few days of contacting Carmel, coaching with her, and then having an appointment with someone she referred me to, I had my exemption submitted to my school. Now I can focus on accomplishing my goal.

Alicia’s Story: My daughter is my life. I am a single mom. If I lose my job it will be very hard to survive. My job said that I had to get the shot, get tested twice a week, or get fired. I coached with Carmel and she introduced me to a health care provider and to a pastor who wrote me an exemption for testing and the shot. My job has given me no hassles. My daughter and I owe a lot of gratitude to Carmel, Pastor J and to this doctor for standing for personal choice and liberty.


*A note on deliverance coachingI do not charge for deliverance coaching, as that is a ministry I have been called to, for 20 years. I will, however, accept a gift/donation for my time doing deliverance coaching, if you feel led to do so. I can also put you in touch with several deliverance ministries that I have worked with and trained under, for many years, should you prefer to work one-on-one with one of them.