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What does Abundance Really Mean?

Anointed Journey is where I share my abundant passions, adventures, coaching, and resources.

What is living a truly abundant life?

Health? Travel? Enough money to give generously? Friends and family? Time? Freedom?

How does one live a life of abundance even in the middle of, or after experiencing trauma, drama, pain, loss and suffering?

I have had many people ask me this question and I have asked it myself many times.

You see, I have earned that privilege and authority to both ask and to answer that question.

I’ve lost two different precious children in tragic ways. I’ve cared for three disabled family members in my home full time, at the same time, while working as a writer, homeschooling, and coaching.

I’ve been betrayed and divorced. I’ve lost my own mother (and best friend) horrifically, in a way that most people would shudder to comprehend. I have been the recipient of spousal abuse.

Carmel in Montana.

I was rear-ended by a drunk driver into a freight train and my back was broken. On a college camping trip, a propane stove exploded and my lower body was engulfed in flames from waist down with third degree burns that nearly took my life and were supposed to leave me scarred for life.

I have been betrayed, stalked, slandered, physically threatened, and lied about and although it was all eventually dis-proven, I suffered financial loss in the grueling process. I have had to make the horrific choice of putting a severely disabled child in a residential care facility.

While the first 21 years of my life were unusually easy sailing, normal, and blessed with a wonderful and functional family and no major traumas or loss, what happened later in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and has been anything but smooth sailing. I am thankful for my solid foundation.

Carmel Mooney and her husband on a comped travel writing trip to the Grand Canyon.
Carmel and her husband on a comped travel writing trip to the Grand Canyon.

But within those deepest and darkest valleys I have been blessed beyond measure in ways too vast and countless to begin to quantify. I can say without a moment of hesitation that I have been blessed with a life of abundance.I have traveled all over the world for free and taught thousands how to do the same. I have dozens of dear, intimate, close friends and prayer warriors I can count on. I have a family who is precious, beautiful children, a supportive and loving husband, I give generously of my time, resources and talents to causes I believe in, and I do what I love every day, by coaching others how to create a life of their dreams.

Carmel visiting a favorite hot spring in Idaho.
Carmel visiting a favorite hot spring in Idaho.

God has shown me what is truly important. He has grown my faith beyond my wildest dreams and continues to do so. He has never forsaken me. He has shown Himself in miracles beyond human imagination, has fulfilled deep desires of my heart, has allowed me to be a blessing to others, has drawn me deeper into His word, truth, power and Holy Spirit and has showered me with abundance and a greater understanding of what that really means. And no, I am not speaking about a prosperity theology/doctrine.

Abundance looks different to different people and we serve a God of, and the Creator of, infinite abundance. Have you ever contemplated the stars under a desert sky, the grains of sand on the beach, the leaves on the trees in a forest, or the blades of grass in a meadow?

Have you ever held your hand in a rushing stream and imagined the molecules and atoms, or flown over a city or land mass in a jumbo jet and imagined all the lives, joy, hurt and beauty beneath you?

A majestic desert sand dune in Utah, Carmel has visited and written about.
A majestic desert sand dune in Utah, Carmel has visited and written about.

Ever imagined the hairs on your head or the cells in your body? How about your veins and capillaries stretching miles? The gallons of ocean below your boat or ship? The fish in seas? The air we breathe? Snowflakes? Clouds? Galaxies? Light? Sound? Ideas? Love?

For me personally, abundance has meant many things but some of the most meaningful and intimate ways I pursue God’s abundance is through replacing want, scarcity and lack with an openness, passion, and desire for plenty, fullness, strength and joy in all areas including health, wellness, finances, relationships, mind, body, soul, and leisure. Yes, this is possible even in the midst of a valley.

I find abundant joy in my faith, my God, my children, my husband, my health, my garden, traveling the world for free as a travel writer, writing and publishing books and thousands of articles on subjects I am passionate about, learning, sharing, blessing, coaching, mentoring, and in countless miracles, breakthroughs, and spiritual truths I have experienced and have shared with others on my anointed journey.

Carmel Mooney and her husband sail from island to island in Maine on a press trip.
Carmel and her husband sail from island to island in Maine on a press trip.

My personal passions include travel, health & wellness, pickleball, fermentation, essential oils, deliverance, gardening, publishing, salsa and ballroom dancing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), camping, homeschooling, and photography. These are a few of my areas of personal abundance. It is my great desire to continue to share my knowledge, education, expertise, joy, and passion in these areas with you through my writing, coaching, and speaking, as I have done through my articles, blogs, radio shows, coaching, teaching, and

Carmel Mooney in the Sierra Nevada playing with her puppy.
Carmel in the Sierra Nevada playing with her puppy.

speaking all over the world.

Abundance Definitions: The situation in which there is more than enough of something. The condition of being in rich supply. A great or plentiful amount.

Abundance synonyms: plentifulness, profuseness, copiousness, amplitude, lavishness, bountifulness

Anointed Definition: Chosen by divine intervention or appointment. Nominated or chosen as successor to or leading candidate for a position. To consecrate for office or religious service. To smear or rub with oil.

Anointed synonyms: consecrate, bless, ordain, administer oil to