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My Gift To You, Learn How to Travel For Free

Been There, Comped That, Free Travel eBook
Been There, Comped That, Free Travel eBook

      How would you like to travel abundantly for free, comped, anywhere in the world? Your travel could include hotels, cruise lines, spas, resorts, dude ranches, golf resorts, theme parks, and so much more.

Are you someone who loves to travel and would like to do it completely free of charge while bringing your family, spouse, kids, parents, or friends along for free as well?

     I have been doing this for over 25 years. My husband, five children, and most of my closest friends have accompanied me on over 900 comped, FREE travel trips all over the world (worth more than 1 million dollars) and I have taught thousands of people just like you how to do the same, through my classes, books, articles, seminars, and online classes.

What could you create or share? Who could you serve? And what could you do if travel was literally limitless for you and those you share your life with? Imagine the difference it could make in your life if travel and vacationing was without limits, as often as you desire, whether part time or full time. How would your life change?

Travel can be an opportunity to serve, to volunteer, to do missions and ministry work, and it can provide priceless memories and connection with family. It can open our awareness and allow us empathy and appreciation for other people, cultures, and places.

Learn how you can travel for FREE, in my eBook. It’s my gift to you. 

Been There, Comped That, Free e-book

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