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Mask and Vaccine Science and Resources


150 Comparative Studies on Mask Ineffectivess and Harm

Mask and Face Covering GUIDANCE (not law) provides for exemptions.

Governor states he can only influence; he cannot mandate anything.

Why Masks Do More Harm Than Good

Physician explains why masks don’t protect.

Dangerous Oxygen Deprivation occurs within 5 seconds of mask usage. 

Physics and Biology of Viral Respiratory Disease and of Why Masks Do Not Work

“Masks can spread all virus, but coronavirus specifically. Exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and may concentrate in the nasal passages. ” Perlman S et al. Spread of a neurotropic murine coronavirus into the CNS via the trigeminal and olfactory nerves. Virology 1989;170:556-560.

131 Scientific Articles and Reasons NOT to wear a Mask

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The Spiritual Dark Side of Wearing A Mask

Occult Ritual Transformation

2 Corintians 3:18 on Masks

Occult Significance of Mask Wearing

How Masks Are Affecting Children

Mask Hysteria (an article I wrote about masks in early 2020)

Mask-A-Raid on Medical and Religious Freedom (an article I wrote in early 2020 about masks)

Countless clinicians, researchers, and medical experts on the dangers of masks.

Canadian Court Victory Over Mandates

Neurological, Psychiatric, Gynecological, Psychological, Dermatological, ENT, Dental, Sports Medicine, Social, Occupational Medicine, Epidemiological, Pediatric, and Environmental Side Effects and Dangers of Masks in a Comprehensive Scientific Study

Mask Expert, Environmental and Occupational Toxicolgist and Senior Industrial Hygenist Explains Why Masks Are Useless for Mitigating or Preventing Covid or Viral Transmission, August 2021

An Excellent Mask Resource

Miguel Escobar, PA-C Addresses McAllen, TX ISD Board Meeting on 8/9/21

Double Board Certified Physician Explains Brain Damage and other SERIOUS Harm Caused By Masks and Why They DO NOT Work to Mitigate Covid Transmission and How There Has Not Been ONE Single Case of Child to Teacher Transmission. She further explains how this is CHILD ABUSE and Endangerment.


A meme I made in March 2020 when the Controlavirus Plandemic first began unfolding.


VACCINE (experimental gene therapy biologic bioweapon) SCIENCE AND RESOURCES:

The MOST COMPREHENSIVE and EXTENSIVE Compilation of Vaccine Research, Schedules, Science, Ingredients, Inserts, VAERS, and Facts You Will Ever Find in ONE Place, ONE GOOGLE DOCUMENT HERE (Years of study and research.)  

COMPREHENSIVE Data Base of Research and Scientific Findings on Coronavirus, Death Jab, Reproductive Studies, MTHFR, Animal Studies, VAERS Data, Exemptions, Military, Viral Vetor Shedding, Spike Protein Research, PCR Testing, Pathogenic Priming, EUA, Menstruation Issues, Graphene, Efficacy, ONE GOOGLE DOCUMENT HERE

Myocarditis, Extensive Research in ONE GOOLE DOCUMENT HERE

World Premiere of Documentary, “Died Suddenly.”

Pediatric Vaccine and Virus Research, Extensive Research in ONE GOOGLE DOCUMENT HERE

Capitol Hill Covid Forum, Panel of Doctors Explain Why It Must Be Halted Now

Government Database Shows 10,000% Increase in Cancer Due to Covid “Vaccine.”

Covid “Vaccine” Analysis of Findings, 70 Pages

41 Page Whistleblower Report of Mandatory Service Member Vaccination, Illegal Department of Defense Activity

Myocarditis Youth Reports from VAERS Data

Cardiologists Weigh in On Dangers of Covid “Vaccine” and Sudden Deaths.

Scientists Explain Organ Failure from Covid “Vaccine.”

Embalmers Explain Observations from “Vaccine.”

Dr. David Martin Explains What Will Happen with the BioWeapon in Coming Years

COVID Update—What is the Truth?

Scientist weighs in on what is in and behind the experimental death jab.

Law Professor Refuses to Wear a Mask or Get the Death Jab, Here’s Why.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (why thousands of physicians and scientists estimate >40% of those who receive these death jabs, will perish within 2-5 years.)

Physician explains why the death jab is killing tens of thousands, and why millions more will perish.

Physicians explain civil liberties surrounding the death jab, informed consent, and the Nuremberg Code

Physician explains what is occuring from the “vaccine” and why it is not a vaccine, and what is coming.

Former Pfizer employee explains why the death jab being referred to as ‘COVID Vaccines’ is a poisonous death sentence.

Doctor details what is in the actual vial and why it is mass poisoning and genocide.

A Pathologist’s Summary of What the Death Jabs Do to the Brain and other Organs

World Renowed and Novel Prize Nominee, Board Certified Physician shares why this is Global Genocidal Event

Physician Details The Destruction that is Already Presenting Itself

Scientists and Physicians From Around the Globe Show Why This is Depopulation

MD, Physician Scientist, and Creator of mRNA Details Why This Will Continue to Kill Millions

Physicians Explain and Show Horrific Findings/Proof of What the Death Jabs Do to The Blood

Spike Protein Damage Explained by Creators of mRNA

Multiple Scientists and Physicians Discuss the Dangers of the Death Jabs

Oxford Doctor Tells Why Death Jabs Will Cause Your Death

The Truth Behind the Plandemic

“Vaccine” failure and why most dying in hospitals are “vaccinated” as explained by a physician.

Three Day Event I Attended with Several Physician Friends, Multiple Scientists and Physicians Explain The Death Jabs and What Will Occur, Watch Part 2, Sessions 1-8

Liberty Coalition of Canada, Resources for Medical Freedom

World Renown Medical Authority’s Urgent Plea to Church Leaders and Medical Professionals on The Genocide at Hand

My own daughter’s tragic vaccine injury story and why I became a Vaccine Injury Coach and Author since 2004.

Excellent Vaccine Resources

Doctor Explains Why ALL The Animals Died From the Death Jabs in Trials, and What They Will Do To Humans

Less Than 1% Adverse Reactions Are Reported

The FDA Did Not FULLY Approve The Death Jab. They “REISSUED” The “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) Read Their Own Statement From Their Site  EUA LOA reissued August 23 2021, Page 12

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Medical Experts Explain Why This is a Bioweapon not a Vaccine

Dr. Peter McCullough on Covid Treatment, Vaccines and Dire Warning

CDC Exposed Inflated Death by 1600%

18 Reasons to NOT get the Deathjab

Data concludes that the fully vaccinated have 885% higher chance of death from Covid. 

Pfizer Deathjab Confirmed to Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases

Mayo Clinic trained Board Certified Pathologist Explains the Horrors of the Deathjab

Lawsuit regarding at least 45,000 covered-up deaths related to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines currently being distributed in the United States.

Dr. Dave Martin weighs in on the deathj@b and the truth behind the “approval.”

Study Shows Natural Immunity Offers 13X Better Protection Against Delta Variant Than Pfizer Deathjab

Dr. Ardis Explains Why Acute Flaccid Myelitis is Coming this Fall (CDC Warns) Here’s What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

50 Published Medical Journal Sources

MD Explains What the Deathjab Does to Destroy Your Immune System, White Blood Cells, and Which Shot has HIV

The Truth Behind Subscription Based Immunity

Physician Explains the Mechanisms Behind the Deathjab and Why it is Causing Tumors, Death, Sterility, Autoimmune Disease and What to Expect Based From the Studies and Data. He also Explains Why the “Vaccine” is NOT Effective and the Reason Why EUA is Not Allowed When There Are Early Treatments that Work with 100% Efficacy. He also covers Relative risk vs. Absolute Risk Reduction.

Horrifying New Research Reveals How Deathjab Suppresses DNA Repair Mechanism in Cells

Deathjab Spike Protein Enters Cell Nuclei and Will Unleash Explosion of Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Autoimmune Disorders and Accelerated Aging.

Covid Shots Start Genetic Process That is Like Having an On Button with no OFF Button

Covid Infections Among Vaccinated More Common and Severe

Scientists From Around the World Weigh In on What is in the Experiemental Gene Therapy Injection and What is Being Found in the Deceased

Jabbed Are Now A New Human Species and Patent Holders Have Certain Rights to Them, Explained by Physicians and Legal Expert

Vaccine Resources, Inserts, Adverse Reactions, Shedding, Marketing


Another meme I made WAY back in March 2020 as the agenda began to unfold.


Carmel Mooney speaks as a guest on the Stew Peters Show

Extensive Research in ONE GOOGLE DOCUMENT HERE, on MTHFR

One Man’s First Hand ICU Story-What is ACTUALLY Killing People in the Hospital

Potential Role of Xylitol Plus Grapefruit Seed Extract Nasal Spray Solution in Covid-19: Case Series

The Story of Ivermectin

What the Church Needs to Know About Covid-19

Pfizer Is Now Developing A Twice-Per-Day Covid Pill That Must Be Taken Alongside Vaccines $$$$$$$$ Pfizer is so confident that the pill will be approved and mandated, that it has started production before end of clinical trials.