Michelle’s Story

Since working with Carmel, I have successfully launched a business, gone back to school to further my education, and began a new life after divorce, that honors me and my passions. Working with Carmel as a coach has been a great blessing to me. Although I have known her on a personal level for over 30 years, it has only been in the last 5 or 6 years that I have discovered what such a brilliant life coach can do to assist someone like me through a journey of transitions.

She’s supportive, gentle, and compassionate yet gifted at helping me focus on what’s important to me, what stands in my way, and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my short term and long term goals. I feel heard, and that’s been vital to the coaching process.  Her wisdom and creativity I’ve found practical and inspirational. I’ve found myself, after sessions, thinking, “That was worth every dollar.”

Carmel is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her vast knowledge, experience, and ideas. She has been an exemplary professional coach. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my journey and her insights and direction are always on target.

Carmel is warm, honest, insightful and fun to be around. She’s challenging when it’s needed and always supportive. Her words of wisdom gave me just the right nudge at the right moments to make challenging transitions in my career path. I can’t recommend her enough. You’ll be in great hands if you decide to work with her.