Mitchell Family’s Homeschool and Exemption Story

Originally we had planned to get Carmel’s help to learn how to set up a low cost homeschool for our girls as we prepared to move from California to South Carolina.

We didn’t expect to make it a permanent decision. But even after moving during the end of the summer 2021, we have now decided to make it a long term educational choice. The girls have less anxiety, we are enjoying more opportunities to explore our new area through homeschooling outings to book stores, museums, science centers, and with a homeschool co-op we just joined that has introduced us to a support system here that we are blessed to have already bonded with. We are certain that if we had kept the girls in public school, they would not have made friends this easily. What started out as a lot of unknowns has blossomed into a new and better way of life for us all. My husband even comes home from work and gets to enjoy quality time playing with the girls or doing projects with them instead of being stressed out over homework. We are also glad and grateful that Carmel connected us to her medical freedom doctors for mask and vaccine exemptions for my husband for work.