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Homeschool Coaching

You REALLY can HOMESCHOOL successfully for less than $1 per day and in less than 2 hours per day!

With HOMESCHOOL COACHING, let me show you how easy it is to succeed. Let me show you how to have fun, reduce the stress, and design an action plan that makes sense for your family. I have been coaching thousands of families since 1998, how to HOMESCHOOL with LIBERTY and SOVEREIGNTY.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A 45 MINUTE FREEDOM HOMESCHOOL STRATEGY SESSION with Carmel. The cost is $75, for a ONE-on-ONE strategy coaching session.

LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: Acquiring free or nearly free curriculum is easy! Homeschooling one focused hour per evening after work, and one weekend per month, works! Teaching kids to learn and to seek knowledge independently is an added life skill! Co-ops and umbrella programs work! Unschooling, car schooling, game schooling, de-schooling…they are all viable and valuable options! With HOMESCHOOL COACHING, I show you exactly how easy it is to formulate a homeschooling plan around your lifestyle. The possibilities are limitless.

I have showed thousands of families how to acquire free: travel, zoos, museums, science exhibits, dude ranches, theme parks, cruises, historial and educational travel destinations, and countless other FREE educational opportunities around the world, through my seminars, books, and coaching that I have conducted for over two decades.

My own kids have enjoyed over 900 free trips around the world, totalling over 1 million dollars in value! My kids love to travel, but not every family does. You can tailor homeschooling to fit your lifestyle, even of you work full time outside the home.

I have heard (and personally experienced and overcome) all the excuses: shared custody with abusers, aging/dying parents, no support system, strained budget, living in an RV, special needs, moving, no help from spouse, blended families, both parents work, not great in math, curriculum is expensive, kids want to go to college and into the military, profoundly disabled, special needs… I’ve overcome it ALL myself and helped others to do the same.

How can I say this? What makes me qualified to make such claims?

I was a public school teacher until 1998. The day they told me I had to teach my 8th graders about anal sex, was my last day in the indoctrination camp. I then started a small private HOMESCHOOL where I taught my own kids and a few others.

It wasn’t expensive and it didn’t take a lot of time. I still worked from home, traveled at least once a month, and cared for two dying elderly family members as well as our profoundly disabled special needs child and other kids. We lived way out in the country an hour from any civilization while my husband had a 70 minute commute each way and was gone 10-11 hours a day.

I still pulled it off. In fact, it made life easier to homeschool. There was flexibility. There was creativity. There was FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Sure there was sacrifice. Nearly anything worthwhile in life requires some sacrifice. But the rewards are astounding. You will create a legacy.

There is always a way. No excuses.

In my 20 years as a homeschool coach, I am certain that I have heard most every creative excuse that can be made against taking the risk or making the commitment to homeschool.

Much like almost every other area I have ever coached in, whether it be writing and publishing, travel, wellness, nutrition, fitness, or even deliverance, if something is truly important, there is almost always a solution or a way to achieve it if one is fully committed and willing to make sacrifices.

Few people embark on homeschooling without a few healthy doubts and concerns.

Homeschooling does hold its inherent challenges. I will not mislead you. There will likely be days that try your patience, days you may doubt yourself, and days you will wonder if you were crazy to think you could ever master it successfully. But even as a public- school teacher, I had those days. In fact, I had many more of those days teaching in public and even in private schools than I ever did homeschooling.

I can honestly say, that if you face homeschooling as a calling, with persistence, commitment, creativity, and a dose of flexibility, you may, one day, like me, consider it one of the best decisions you ever made towards leaving a legacy to your children and future grand-children.

Homeschooling is a priceless gift you can give your entire family as you raise critically thinking, respectful, well-balanced, creative, trustworthy, responsible, self-directed children and young adults in an unstable world that desperately needs them.


Unfortunately, most of us have been brain-washed and conditioned to believe the lie that homeschooling must be done Monday-Friday from 8AM-2PM, sitting at a desk, and by college-educated and credentialed teachers. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Other disproven myths and fears often include lies about socialization, lack of parental education or preparedness, fears of kids not getting into college or the military, truancy, not having transcripts or recognized diplomas, and other similar fantasies. Let’s remember the old adage that fear, is, in fact, False Evidence Appearing Real.

While homeschooling has grown exponentially over the past decade, several million more have decided to homeschool just in the last few years, and all the myths and concerns have been disproven time and again, I still see these fears rear their ugly heads on occasion.

During our homeschool coaching I will provide you creative approaches to homeschooling, even on a shoestring budget and with limited time, encourage you to see the infinite possibilities, show you a glimpse of several different methods and styles that have worked for my family and countless others, enabling you to think outside the box and to really rethink and embrace the creative ways homeschooling can be approached.

I will share with you some of my own challenges and solutions and encourage and equip you to discover your own path, and one that works for your unique situation.

Another purpose of HOMESCHOOL COACHING is to equip and empower you with FREE tools and resources necessary to successfully homeschool your children independently, without entangling your family into the indoctrinating public-school system, and without their funding, which comes at a very dear price.

Government funding for music lessons, computers, and sports may sound enticing. But as soon as you take that route you have lost much of your power and FREEDOM to choose when it comes to curriculum, vaccination, health, testing, attendance, faith, privacy, masks, nutrition, morality, and so much more.

On a side note, I have helped hundreds of previously homeschooled college and university students in all 50 states, acquire both medical and religious exemptions for the Covid “Vaccine” and for “Masks” since the summer of 2021. (even nursing students) You an click HERE for more information on that or read my TESTIMONIAL section for many of their stories.


Medical and Religious Freedom
Carmel L. Mooney

Carmel L. Mooney has homeschooled 6 children, both before and after leaving behind her position teaching in public school in 1998.

Since then, Carmel has coached thousands of homeschooling families, revealing creative solutions for countless families facing both common and unique challenges.

Carmel has also traveled on over 900 free trips worldwide with her family, using these valuable learning experiences to enhance her own homeschool approach. She has taught others how to travel the world for free with their kids for over 20 years, through her seminars, online classes, and books.

Even if you face special needs challenges, live remotely, work full-time, share custody, don’t have a supportive network, have a painfully tight budget, don’t have a college degree, or have absolutely no teaching experience, Carmel has viable, real-world solutions she shares from the trenches, with wisdom, experience, conviction, empathy, and with humor.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A 45 MINUTE HOMESCHOOL STRATEGY SESSION with Carmel. The cost is $75, for a ONE-on-ONE strategy coaching session.

You can read some HOMESCHOOL COACHING Testimonials HERE:


Making the transition from public school to independent homeschooling was scary. Carmel took the fear away by showing us how to make it fun, flexible, and showing us how to create a homeschooling plan that was something we could live with, that fit into our life.

My daughter actually looks forward to each day…no more tearful mornings! She can finally breathe without her face being muzzled. We can make our own medical choices. And she can even do most of her school work at her grandparents’ house when I am working. Carmel connected us to resources for free curriculum too. This was the best decision for our family.


Raising two teens is hard enough until you throw in the Pandemic and all the craziness that our kids were forced to endure in public school. Masking, vaccines, bullying, Common Core, CRT, and other things we didn’t align with made it nearly impossible.

We felt like traitors sending them to a school where we weren’t being heard. We were not completely sure we could homeschool our kids when neither of us have degrees and we both work. My husband even travels frequently for work and for trainings.

Carmel showed us how to tweak just a few things enough to make it work for all four of us. Our home has never been happier. Both kids will probably pursue college and we are confident they will be completely ready and equipped. Thanks Carmel


Berardi Family

Bria had a severe vaccine reaction as a toddler and there was no way we could possibly subject her to more health issues or challenges with the vaccine mandates. Bria is also very creative and artistic and public school was not allowing her to develop her potential.

Carmel empowered us to find a way where Bria goes to work with me one day per week, and she goes to her aunt’s house two days a week. She goes to another homeschool family 1-2 days per week. My husband works from home with her the other days.

Bria is excelling now in all her subjects and she actually gets time to explore her passions and talents which motivates her more now than ever to get her least favorite subjects done. She volunteers with her aunt at a food closet one morning per week which is building her confidence and self esteem. Homeschooling has made our life easier and everyone happier.


Originally we had planned to get Carmel’s help to learn how to set up a low cost homeschool for our girls as we prepared to move from California to South Carolina. We didn’t expect to make it a permanent decision.

But even after moving during the end of the summer 2021, we have now decided to make it a long term educational choice. The girls have less anxiety, we are enjoying more opportunities to explore our new area through homeschooling outings to book stores, museums, science centers, and with a homeschool co-op we just joined that has introduced us to a support system here that we are blessed to have already bonded with.

We are certain that if we had kept the girls in public school, they would not have made friends this easily. What started out as a lot of unknowns has blossomed into a new and better way of life for us all. My husband even comes home from work and gets to enjoy quality time playing with the girls or doing projects with them instead of being stressed out over homework.


Carmel has been an incredibly helpful and supportive coach for me and my family for over 12 years. She is a seemingly endless source of of knowledge, wisdom, and experience in countless areas including ASD and homeschooling with special needs.

Carmel has coached us in our ASD journey, and has limitless compassion, empathy, and understanding about what special needs parents and families face. A remarkable and dedicated mother, herself, she inspires me and encourages me in a profound way.

Whether it’s navigating biomedical interventions and special needs resources, caring for aging parents, fermenting foods for gut health, organic gardening and cooking, special needs travel, homeschooling, ADA compliant service animals, or essential oils to mitigate stress and anxiety, she’s done it all and knows her stuff backwards and forwards.

I’ve personally known several parents and grandparents whose kids’ lives were saved by the service dogs she has trained for them, and I have seen several children recover from their ASD diagnosis from the interventions that Carmel guided them through. She was able to help us get a $14,000 grant for our son’s biomedical interventions in Maryland, and now he is no longer diagnosed on the spectrum and pulling straight A’s in school. There are no words to describe our level of gratitude.


When my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, I was lost. My dreams of a brilliant future for my little boy came crashing down in the reality of a diagnosis I knew little about and felt unprepared to deal with. Carmel Mooney’s expert homeschool and autism coaching helped us immensely through a difficult time adjusting and setting up our homeschool in a way that made sense to us. We were able to homeschool our three kids for pennies using the resources Carmel shared.

With her homeschool coaching and knowledge of the biomedical options available for autism, we were able to start a treatment path for our son that brings those dreams of his future back into possibility.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Carmel.


Perhaps the most valuable tool I gained from being homeschooled was learning to think for myself. Let me explain.

When I was in 6th grade, I begged my mom to try public school. I couldn’t even make it one month before begging to be homeschooled again.

As a homeschooled child, I was treated like an adult. I was awarded with responsibilities that matured me and helped establish my self-worth and self-confidence as an individual.

In public school, I had to raise my hand to speak. Otherwise, I was censored and punished. I had to ask PERMISSION to go to the bathroom to take care of feminine needs and bodily functions. Even my meals were scheduled, like a prison ward. Please tell me how this works in any kind of adult job environment. It doesn’t.

Furthermore, when I was verbally abused and even name-called by one of my teachers and reported it to my parents as well as the school principal, both the teacher and principal called me a liar and refused to acknowledge the abuse. That was the final straw for me that made me realize that I wanted to return to homeschooling, because I valued being treated as an individual human being. I valued thinking for myself and being taken care of seriously by other adults.

In that one month I tried public school, they tried to reverse and destroy all of that for me. I saw in firsthand in the way my peers had toxic relationships with one another and were a walking fuse of bottled down emotional trauma. Because unlike me, they had never been treated like an adult before and didn’t know how to use their voices. All they knew was survival mode and conformity, because the alternative was abuse. There was no morale character being built, and this was evident in how many of the students used cheating as an emergency mechanism when they were berated for not keeping up with the rest of the class, and engaging in disruptive behavior as a way of crying out for help and much-deserved attention.

If there is one ability that I believe every individual should have that will prove successful in the advancement of any career, relationship, family, and so forth, it is most certainly the ability to think for oneself. The most important life sustaining values that follow it, such as self-worth, self-confidence, and self-character, are imperative things to know in life. And I can certainly say that public school did not teach any of those things to me, but rather tried to destroy them. Nonetheless, I consider it a life-altering experience that I will passionately use to share with parents and children alike.


I first made Carmel’s acquaintance from taking one of her amazing online courses in 2004 on how to become a travel writer and travel for free/comped.

I immediately put her easy-to-follow instruction into practice and began comping vacations to South Padre Island, Houston, San Antonio, and many other travel destinations for me and my family. I even learned from Carmel how to start my own column where I have comped travel and dining for over 14 years now, thanks to her teaching and coaching.

Eventually, Carmel and I met in person when she came to Texas on a comped travel writing trip with two of her daughters, and we became fast friends which led to me managing her book signings in South Texas and I was thrilled to facilitate her coming to teach a seminar for the Writers League of Texas where she taught dozens of us how to comp travel all over the world.

She is a wonderful mother, writer, and coach. I am honored to be her student and friend.