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Unlike many deliverance ministries that charge a fee, my deliverance coaching and ministry is free as well as my free deliverance group Zoom trainings that I offer monthly.

I work full time and have a profoundly disabled young adult child with exhorbitant costs and who also requires a great deal of my time, so my ministry does necessitate financial support to continue to allow me the time and resources to continue to help so many people.

Any gift no matter how small, is sincerely and humbly appreciated. 

My most recent book on self deliverance is only $5 and you may also make a gift scholarship for someone who cannot afford the book and requests a scholarship.

I have ongoing expenses such as professional Zoom account costs, internet, web hosting, computer, marketing, etc. so any gift of any size is welcome and gratefully appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

You can use the PayPal button.


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