Simmons Family’s Story

Carmel has coached us in our ASD journey, and has limitless compassion, empathy, and understanding about what special needs parents and families face.Carmel has been an incredibly helpful and supportive coach for me and my family for over 12 years. She is a seemingly endless source of of knowledge, wisdom, and experience in countless areas including ASD and homeschooling with special needs.

A remarkable and dedicated mother, herself, she inspires me and encourages me in a profound way. Whether it’s navigating biomedical interventions and special needs resources, caring for aging parents, fermenting foods for gut health, organic gardening and cooking, special needs travel, homeschooling, ADA compliant service animals, or essential oils to mitigate stress and anxiety, she’s done it all and knows her stuff backwards and forwards.

I’ve personally known several parents and grandparents whose kids’ lives were saved by the service dogs she has trained for them, and I have seen several children recover from their ASD diagnosis from the interventions that Carmel guided them through. She was able to help us get a $14,000 grant for our son’s biomedical interventions in Maryland, and now he is no longer diagnosed on the spectrum and pulling straight A’s in school. There are no words to describe our level of gratitude.