Manny’s Exemption Story

I took the monthly exemption webinar that Carmel offers with Alan Phillips JD. It was over four hours of intensive information and guidance. Mr Phillips is the number one legal expert in our country when it comes to vaccine rights for employees and even for students and immigration. It was the best $99 I have spent in a very long time. Alan answered all of my questions in his live Q&A and he and Carmel emailed me documents at the end of the webinar that normally would cost much more than the webinar fee. I took the knowledge and the resources I gained in the webinar and immediately put it to use and I was able to get my religious exemption approved and a reasonable accomodation at work was agreed upon. I feel empowered and cannot tell you how much I appreciate Carmel and Mr. Phillips for offering this and other valuable services to others. Keep up the good work!