Chele’s Exemption Story

We need to stick and fight together!! I GOT MY EXEMPTION APPROVED! Do not give up! If you love what you do and know it is your calling in life FIGHT FOR IT! I Fight for what you believe in! Carmel Mooney helped me with both a medical and religious exemption and I thank her for going out of her way for me. Her resources were above any other on the internet or YouTube or anywhere. She’s got legal experts on her team that have done successful exemptions for decades and she’s got doctors on her team who do medical exemptions. She had me covered on both. Her doctors are great medical freedom warriors and so are her legal team and it was comforting to know they would be there to help me through an appeal if I ever needed it. But I didn’t ever have to deal with any of that because everything went smoothly after I got Carmel’s help.