Jack’s Story:

Over the years, Carmel coached me in my life goal to become a high school history teacher and believed in me and assisted me in overcoming huge challenges with my disabilities.

Carmel and I first met in 1990 when she coached me in fitness and wellness and personal development. Carmel is one of the most influential people in my personal success story.

A devoted wife and mother, talented writer, wonderful friend, and gifted travel writing instructor, she helps so many clients and students realize their goals of traveling the world for free, better health, and more meaningful lives. She knows how to encourage, inspire, motivate, educate, and empower like a good teacher should.

She is one of the most non-judgmental and accepting people I have ever known. She loves people right where they are, and she knows how to inspire them to be their very best. Carmel gives generously of her talents, resources, and time, not just to her clients and friends but to charities and to those less fortunate. I value that tremendously.