Carmel Mooney has a book and online course that changed my life. Lynn’s Story

Lynn Sullivan

Carmel Mooney has a best selling and award winning book Been There, Comped That, and online course that changed my life.

In her book, Carmel lays out a step by step guide on exactly how to get free travel  and dining comps.
I found it easy to follow, full of great suggestions, and very informative. She took the guesswork out of the entire process.

My husband and I decided we weren’t getting any younger and we set a goal to do some comped, free travel trips at least once per month.

I learned that Carmel Mooney does this all the time and teaches others.

With Carmel Mooney’s help and guidance within just a few weeks I was able to put her expert instruction into action. Over the past year or so, we have enjoyed free golf vacations, dinners, and resort stays. We’re having a great time, and don’t have to pay for it! I wished I did this years ago.

I have even comped some ski vacations with my grandkids. Next, I am working on setting up a dream vacation to celebrate my husband’s and my upcoming anniversary.

I would highly recommend her book, online courses, and coaching.

Carmel Mooney is a highly respected and regarded coach and had coached a few people who I know personally. She came highly recommended and now I know why.

You too will have some great free vacations and save lots of money writing about your travel adventures. She even has the professional connections to get your first travel stories published right away which will then lead to more comped travel offers.

What are you waiting for?