Lacie’s Story

My name is Lacie. I have a VERY BUSY life like many of you. I live on a farm with my husband and we are raising five children and along with that my husband and I are both self employed. I have ALWAYS struggled with clutter but one thing that made it worse was not having a organized place to put things. I had room, just no plan.

Carmel was VERY helpful. She came in and was VERY non-judgmental about my clutter. She helped me to figure out how to utilize my space in a much more efficient way so that by the time she left, we had completely reorganized over half of my large kitchen. She had good ideas but mostly sat back and let me do the work myself and in asking relevant questions she helped me sort out my kitchen in a way that works for my family.

I would recommend her to any friends that need help getting started in the right direction when it comes to organizational coaching. I’m STILL not a neat freak, and probably never will be, but my kitchen has more practical usable space now than ever.