Rose’s Story

She is a wonderful mother, writer, and coach. I am honored to be her student and friend.

I first made Carmel’s acquaintance from taking one of her amazing online courses in 2004 on how to become a travel writer and travel for free/comped.

I immediately put her easy-to-follow instruction into practice and began comping vacations to South Padre Island, Houston, San Antonio, and many other travel destinations for me and my family. I even learned from Carmel how to start my own column where I have comped travel and dining for over 14 years now, thanks to her teaching and coaching.

Eventually, Carmel and I met in person when she came to Texas on a comped travel writing trip with two of her daughters, and we became fast friends which led to me managing her book signings in South Texas and I was thrilled to facilitate her coming to teach a seminar for the Writers League of Texas where she taught dozens of us how to comp travel all over the world.