Kim’s Deliverance Story

Carmel is finally someone I can truly be myself with. I’ve always felt so safe telling her what’s going on. When I first met her, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and health challenges along with low self-esteem. Carmel’s knowledge and wisdom in functional nutrition is phenomenal. After learning a lot about gut health and fermented foods (kombucha, kefir, fermented vegetables, etc.) and essential oil blends from Carmel, my health and sleep have returned, and my anxiety is gone.

Carmel coaches holistically and also taught me about biblical deliverance and showed me how to spiritually break free from negative thought patterns, anxiety, and heaviness that had previously totally consumed and often paralyzed me. Most important, perhaps, is she taught me how to close the doors permanently, so that chapter of my life can remain behind me.

Carmel has helped me to become the stronger, more capable individual that she has seen in me all along. I look forward to every coaching session with Carmel.