Berardi Family’s Homeschooling and Exemption Story

Bria had a severe vaccine reaction as a toddler and there was no way we could possibly subject her to more health issues or challenges with the vaccine mandates.

Bria is also very creative and artistic and public school was not allowing her to develop her potential. Carmel empowered us to find a way where Bria goes to work with me one day per week, and she goes to her aunt’s house two days a week. She goes to another homeschool family 1-2 days per week. My husband works from home with her the other days. Bria is excelling now in all her subjects and she actually gets time to explore her passions and talents which motivates her more now than ever to get her least favorite subjects done. She volunteers with her aunt at a food closet one morning per week which is buidling her confidene and self esteem. Homeschooling has made our life easier and everyone happier. We also obtained medical exemptions for our entire family from Carmel’s Freedom Team Doctors.