Reynolds Family’s Homeschool and Exemption Story

Raising two teens is hard enough until you throw in the Pandemic and all the craziness that our kids were forced to endure in public school.

Masking, vaccines, bullying, Common Core, CRT, and other things we didn’t align with made it nearly impossible. We felt like traitors sending them to a school where we weren’t being heard. We were not completely sure we could homeschool our kids when neither of us have degrees and we both work. My husband even travels frequently for work and for trainings. Carmel showed us how to tweak just a few things enough to make it work for all four of us. Our home has never been happier. Both kids will probably pursue college (we now have medical exemptions for our whole family from Carmel’s medical freedom docs) and we are confident they will be completely ready and equipped. Thanks Carmel