Elliott’s Exemption Story

For those of you thinking about caving in and getting the vaccine I implore you not to. I was close to caving myself, as my education was on the line with one semester before graduation. It would have meant years of time and money wasted.

All I wanted was to educate myself so that I could give my son a better life, and I figured that I would rather risk injury and swallow my pride for his sake. I fell into a depression for months, and when it came close to time for making a decision, I realized the dirtiness I would feel if I went through with the irreversible procedure. How could I teach my own son what is right if I can’t even stand up for it myself? They want you to believe that the science tells us the vaccine is safe and effective, yet the data shows that neither of these things are true. I do follow the science. I sought help and found Carmel Mooney who directed me to doctors and religious leaders who stand on principle for what is right, and thanks to Carmel, I am back at school on track to graduate. If you are feeling alone, know that there are many who in silence feel as you do. Be brave, be open, and seek help. —Elliott