Melissa’s Exemption Story

I just wanted to let you know my religious exemption has been approved!! I’m over the moon with excitement and I almost cried!! I knew it in my heart but of course you never know for sure!! I wanted to say thank you. I really couldn’t gave done this without you! I feel like I won the lottery! The feel of relief is an understatement! Right before Thanksgiving too and now I have even more to be thankful for! You are AMAZING and I’m beyond greatful for your guidance throughout this!! Now I can start buying Christmas presents cause I don’t have to worry about losing my job anymore! I feel like people should know that they can fight and win!! I would love to be a spokesperson so to say. I’m proud of my accomplishment and so thankful for your help! The letter you wrote on my behalf, as a minister, was absolutely beautiful and eloquent. I also got a medical exemption from a doctor you referred me to, so I actually got both medical and religious exemptions but ended up only needing to use the religious exemption. With education and your help anyone can do it!!
Have the happiest Thanksgiving tomorrow!!
With love and gratitude, Melissa