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Vaccine Rights: Employee Religious Exemption Seminar

February 26, 2023 1 PM PST



A live seminar with Vaccine Rights Legal Expert Alan Phillips, J.D.

Alan has assisted over 1,000 healthcare workers and other employees nationally with workplace exemptions over the past decade. No other legal professional in the U.S. has anywhere near Alan’s level of experience and expertise with vaccine exemptions (vs. the more than 100 attorneys who do vaccine injury cases). This 3 – 4 hour seminar covers, in depth and breadth, all of the common legal issues that arise in the workplace concerning vaccines required as a condition of employment.

In this educational seminar Alan will discuss:

a) How Federal civil rights law provides, in effect, a religious exemption to vaccines required as a condition of employment. This federal law applies to both government and private employers nationally, whenever the employer has 15 or more employees. (There will also be some minimal discussion about medical exemptions.)

b) The common issues that arise in the workplace concerning vaccine mandates and religious exemptions, including restrictions (exemption forms, face masks, testing, etc.); and scrutiny of employees’ religious beliefs.

c) How the law works with religion and vaccines generally, and how to write a legally sound statement of religious beliefs opposed to vaccines. Most people’s common sense approach is not fully consistent with the legal requirements! We get to decide what we believe, but the law decides what beliefs qualify for a religious exemption.

d) Your legal options for challenging a wrongful denial of a legally proper religious exemption request, or the imposition of an illegal restriction.

e) A live Q & A at the end.

Your webinar “ticket” gets you into the live event, and a copy of Alan’s exclusive exemption documents that have information not available anywhere else (because no one else has Alan’s level of experience in this area of law), for a fraction of the cost for these documents purchased individually.

A link to the webinar will be provided to every paid and registered attendee 24-48 hours before the webinar.

NOTE: This seminar is only for people dealing directly with an employee exemption. It is NOT for clergy, lawyers, activists or others seeking to educate themselves to assist others with exemptions (which requires a law license).

By purchasing a “ticket,” you agree that:

a) The fee is “per person.” Each person attending must register and pay separately.

b) To arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to starting time, if possible, to ensure an on-time start of the event (late drop-ins for good reason are OK).

c) The educational documents you receive by email promptly after the event are for your personal use only; you will not share them with anyone else in any way, nor attempt to apply the information beyond the needs of yourself and your immediate family.

d) You will not record the event audio and/or video.

e) If you break any of these rules, you will be responsible for all related costs and/or damages.

f) In the unlikely event that fewer than five people register, the seminar will not go forward, and those who registered will have the option of receiving the exclusive exemption documents that Alan Phillips J.D. normally sells, for the discounted cost of the seminar, participating in a future seminar, or requesting a refund.


(You will then be directed to the proper payment options.)