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Q: What kinds of Life Coaching are offered?

A: My passion is to equip and empower my clients to experience abundance in all areas of their lives, including: wellness, financial, spiritual, business, joy, freedom, ministry, vitality, freedom

With my diverse background as an Author, Wife, Parent, Step Parent, Special Needs Advocate, Fitness Instructor, Public Speaker, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Elder Care-giver, Travel Columnist, Public School Teacher, Deliverance Coach, Homeschooling Parent, Organic Farmer, Nutritionist, Certified Massage Therapist, Essential Oils Expert, and Radio Talk Show Host, I have coached thousands of clients in countless areas where I am experienced and knowledgeable.

One of the objectives of the complimentary consultation is to ensure that the Coach and client are good fit.

Q: What kinds of people work with a Life Coach?

A: Every type of individual from college students to retirees can benefit from Life Coaching and I’ve coached them all. One trait that clients generally have in common, is the desire to improve their life and the realization that they will gain focus and accomplish their goals faster with the support of a highly trained and qualified Life Coach. People who partner with a Life Coach are usually committed to creating a more fulfilling life and are willing to do the work needed to get there.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Coaching sessions are approximately 60 minutes. Sessions may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and can be tailored to suits your needs and the speed at which you choose take action to achieve your goals. Additional Laser Coaching support is offered between sessions, via phone, email, or text to support, encourage, and offer accountability, and to help keep clients on track.

Q: How many Coaching sessions will I need?

A: This will all depend on what you want to achieve with your Coaching. Clients typically seek Coaching with a life changing goal in mind. In order to achieve success, we set smaller goals that need to be achieved between sessions, to move you closer to your overall goals. For many clients this may take as little as a few months of sessions and for others it will require more. It is a very personal decision based on your individual goal and where you are in your transformational journey.

Q: Where or how does Coaching take place?

A: Because I coach clients from all over the world, Coaching sessions will typically take place over the phone, or through Zoom. Occasionally, if geographically feasible, we may meet in person. Extra support and accountability is offered through emails, texts, or follow-up calls between sessions and this is included in the cost of coaching sessions. This is often referred to as Laser Coaching.

Many times valuable tests, assessments, exercises, and resources are emailed between Coaching sessions as well. Between sessions, one of my responsibilities as your Life Coach, is to determine helpful resources that may assist you in your journey forward. Whether it be an article, book, video, research, or assessment I might suggest or offer, my job is to support your journey even when we are not in session together. You also will have homework to do between sessions, because it is often said that the real work gets done between sessions.

Q: What is the cost of Life Coaching?

A:  Each new potential client and connection begins with a complimentary consultation of approximately 30 minutes to determine if we are a good fit for each other. From there, several Coaching packages are available.

These include any needed assessments, tests, and virtually unlimited follow-up calls, emails, and texts between sessions, as needed. It’s possible, that Life Coaching may even be a business tax deduction, depending on your individual situation, so you may wish to consult your tax professional.

Q: What is the difference between counseling and Life Coaching?

A: Coaching and Counseling have some similarities as counselors and coaches both ask their client questions that require honesty and soul-searching.

However, counseling tends to focus with emotions, issues, and trauma in the past. Life Coaching, rather, is focused on the future and is a creative process of change and transformation.

A Life Coach is someone who is solely dedicated to you and the achievement of your goals. A Life Coach is non-judgmental, supportive, encouraging and motivating while keeping you focused on where you want to be and moving you forward in the right direction. A gifted Life Coach will enable you to get to where you want to be much faster than you could on your own. Counseling can free people from their pasts. Life Coaching can change peoples’ legacies.


Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.